The Business Plan Survival Guide by John Duffield

The Business Plan Survival Guide

The Business Plan Survival Guide provides a comprehensive, yet easy to understand process on how to start a business by developing a plan for any start-up or existing business.

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The Business Plan Survival Guide

There are explanations, tips, and experience shared with you throughout this guide. This guide comes complete with over $80 of **BONUS RESOURCES** including a business plan template, sales, marketing and financial templates and business tools for you to download and include in your business plan development. It also includes a partnership agreement should your business need one of these too!

This 55-page guide provides the process and ideas, along with a **BONUS** 13-downloadable sales, marketing, operations, and financial templates, and business tools, for you to download that will help you with your business planning, along with an additional financial ratios eBook to help you monitor your business finances, now how's that for value!

Here is the list of resources that you get with the Business Plan Survival Guide:

All of these templates and tools come with full instructions on how to apply them to your business.
We include a business plan shell so you have a business plan template to start with and a marketing plan example. You can begin to populate these from the information provided in the Business Plan Survival Guide. All the areas of the example plans are linked to the pages in the Business Plan Survival Guide, so you are guided through the process of developing your business plan step-by-step.

Marketing templates

  1. Advertising and promotional template - year 1 and 2 (with sample data) 
  2. SWOT analysis template (with sample data) download sneak peek

Financial templates

  1. Sales plan - year 1 and 2 (with sample data)
  2. Profit and loss report - year 1 and 2 (with sample data)
  3. Cash flow forecast - year 1 and 2 (with sample data) download sneek peek
  4. Balance sheet - year 1 and 2 (with sample data)

Business plan software

To help with your business planning in specific areas
  1. Break-even/force net profit calculator tool  (calculates your break even sales point and also you can set your desired net profit) download sneak peek
  2. Inventory checker tool (based on stock held per week).
  3. Business growth plan matrix (create growth scenarios for your business) also available as an iPad App.
  4. Overhead recovery analysis tool (great tool to calculate productivity and billable time).
  5. Sales run rates (check your required run rates(sales/profit) by week or month).
  6. Employee skills matrix (a great tool to see where the skills are in your business).
  7. RFM principle (recency, frequency, and monetary value) a great tool to measure the true value of your customers.
 All of these business tools come with instructional videos and README files.

General templates

  1. A partnership agreement (should you be operating as a partnership) an essential document when assessing your exit strategy.
  2. A business plan shell (the document to build your plan) based on the information in the Business Plan Survival Guide.

See some examples below of some of the downloadable resources we give you.



During the process of business planning, you will gain valuable insights into the marketplace where you plan to operate. Along with this, you will be guided to find out about your competition's strengths and weaknesses, also what areas of these weaknesses you can capitalize on.

Using the Business Plan Survival Guide you are stepped through the business planning process and how to develop a successful business future. This includes business set-up, sales, marketing, financials and the legal considerations for your business, you have all of this, and much more with the Business Plan Survival Guide. Using this guide you will establish where you have a place in the market, how to create a demand for your products (and services), and how you will create and maintain this demand through effective marketing strategies.

Included are great tips, **BONUS** templates, including a business plan sample shell to enter the information from this guide. Also templates to download including advertising and promotional plans, a SWOT analysis template, sales plans, profit and loss reports, cash-flow forecasts, break-even analysis, inventory analysis, a balance sheet, and even a partnership agreement. Links to all these resources are instantly downloadable from within the Business Plan Survival Guide.

Links to other free tools for you to use are all included along with the free business tools and information to start you on your business journey. Suitable for both start-up and existing businesses, you will find it hard to get this much help preparing a business plan or this much value from anywhere else!

Even if you are not going to create a business plan just yet, the information included in the Business Plan Survival Guide is priceless, with all the resources, templates, downloads and business software that you get!

What's included?

File Icon 24 files


The Business Plan Survival Guide.pdf
2.42 MB
Business Plan Shell.docx
38.9 KB
General Business Files
Partnership Agreement.docx
500 KB
Marketing Files
Advertising & Promotional Plan (Year 1 & 2).xls
33.5 KB
SWOT Analysis.xls
58 KB
Financial Files
Sales Plan (Year 1 & 2).xls
63.5 KB
Cash Flow (Year 1 & 2).xls
113 KB
Profit & Loss (Year 1 & 2).xls
97.5 KB
Balance Sheet.xls
47 KB
Break-even & Force Net Profit Calculator.xls
59.5 KB
Business Tools
Sales Run Rates (Month).xls
87.5 KB
Sales Run Rates (Week).xls
91 KB
Business Growth Plan Matrix.xls
74 KB
Overhead Recovery Analysis.xls
58 KB
RFM Principle.xls
146 KB
Employee Skills Matrix.xls
40 KB
Productivity Manager.xls
85.5 KB
Inventory Checker.xls
47.5 KB
README Files (for business tools)
README - Sales Run Rates.pdf
83.5 KB
README Business Growth Matrix Plan.pdf
107 KB
README - Overhead Recovery Analysis.pdf
448 KB
README - RFM Principle.pdf
174 KB
README - Employee Skills matrix.pdf
185 KB
Bonus File
Relationships that show the health of your business.pdf
804 KB


How can I use this guide if I already have a business?

The content of this eBook will provide you with a wealth of information that you can use to measure and review your existing business. The resources, in particular, the business tools, can be used straight away in your existing business, Each of these tools can be used as a pulse check for your business and help you with your sales and marketing growth strategies.

How do I complete the business plan shell?

When you open the business plan shell file, you will see in each area that there are references to the page numbers and sections of the Business Plan Survival Guide eBook. This is to help you follow the step-by-step information and then use this as a guide to then complete your business plan.

How do I use the business tools that are included with the Business Plan Survival Guide?

All of the business tools have a video link which explains how to use each tool, and each one also has a PDF readme file that further explains how to use each tool in your business.

How do I access all the resources, templates and business tools?

You can download all these from within Coach. These are instantly downloadable so make sure that you save them safely in a new folder on your PC.

What are the sneak peeks listed in the product info area?

These are where you can download selected resources from the Business Plan Survival Guide for FREE to try out and 'play with' before you decide to purchase the Business Plan Survival Guide.

Does the vendor have anymore product lines?

Yes, these are being uploaded to this platform over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee on all our products. However, with this much material and resources available to you we hope you are more than satisfied with the Business Plan Survival Guide!

How long does the introduction promotion last for?

The intro promotion is only for a short time so we recommend that you take advantage of this as soon as possible!

How many files do I get with this product?

There are 24-files that make up the Business Plan Survival Guide offer, these include download templates, digital tools, README files and much more!

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